Riverton City employs a professional, full-time city manager to oversee all operational and day-to-day responsibilities of the city government.  The city manager exercises administrative control over city operations and reports directly to the Mayor and City Council.

City Manager

Kevin HicksKevin Hicks


City Manager Duties
See Riverton City Code, 2.15.020.

a) Have and exercise general control and supervision over administrative activities of the city including but not limited to construction, maintenance, improvement, and repair of all city properties, ditches, culverts, streams, watercourses, curbings and gutters, public buildings, streets, parks, playgrounds, detention basins, cemeteries, records and supplies, and other grounds and properties belonging to or under the jurisdiction of the city.

(b) Prepare plans and programs concerning the development, operation, and needs of the city and submit such plans to the governing body to be approved and developed as policy.

(c) Set performance standards and exercise managerial control to ensure that the city government is functioning in an efficient and effective manner.

(d) Recommend creation of all necessary departments, divisions, bureaus and offices necessary for the government of the city to the governing body for their approval prior to implementation.

(e) Ensure all executive procedures and activities are in compliance with the provisions of the Uniform Fiscal Procedures Act for Utah Cities.

(f) Keep a current inventory accounting for real and personal property of the city and its location and shall be responsible for the care and custody of all such property including equipment, buildings, parks, and all other city property which is not by law assigned to some other officer or governmental body for care and control.

(g) Examine the books and official papers of the city’s departments and offices.

(h) Manage the day-to-day affairs of the city and shall be the manager to whom all city employees shall report. Hire and discharge employees, with the exception of appointed officers, pursuant to the personnel policies adopted by the governing body at such compensation as may be set or authorized by that body. Discipline any employee as necessary pursuant to personnel policies of the city. See that all employees shall perform their duties subject to the general direction of the governing body.

(i) Review all proposed contracts to which the city may be a party and shall make recommendations concerning the same to the governing body. It shall be the duty of the city manager to see that the terms of any contract to which the city is a party are fully performed by all parties thereto.

(j) Have and exercise all powers and duties assigned to him by ordinance or resolution and shall carry out the policies and programs established by the governing body.

(k) May execute and sign all written obligations of the city not otherwise specified under the role of the mayor or as required by law or ordinance.

(l) Emergency Interim Successors to City Manager. If, because of natural or human-caused disaster or emergency situation, absence, disability or death, the city manager is unable to carry out the duties imposed by this chapter, the duties and authorities of the city manager shall be exercised by one of the following municipal officials, in the order indicated, until the city manager or a person higher on the priority list becomes capable of exercising such duties:

(i) Assistant city manager;
(ii) City attorney;
(iii) Director of public works;
(iv) City engineer;
(v) Director of finance;
(vi) City recorder.

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