Chicken PolicyCan You Have Chickens in Riverton? 
Raising chickens has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Riverton City recently adopted an ordinance which allows a maximum of six (6) chickens to be kept in all single family residential zones on lots of at least 10,000 square feet in size. On lots below ½ acre, roosters are not allowed. The ordinance does not allow ducks, geese, pigeons, or other fowl.

Riverton City has two zones, RR-22 and R-1, that include animal rights. In those zones, on lots of at least ½-acre, chickens may be kept at a ratio of 20 per ½-acre, and roosters and other types of farm animals are allowed. On lots below 10,000 square feet in size, chickens are only allowed as household pets. Household pets are typically limited to no more than 2 animals.

The Riverton City Planning Department can assist in determining the zoning of and size of property, and are available to answer questions regarding this information. Please contact Shirleen Boska at 801-208-3138 or at for more information.
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