Mayor's Message: Exciting Development Continues on Riverton's West Side

Costco RenderingBy Mayor Trent Staggs

Over the last ten years, Riverton City’s elected officials have made several strategic planning decisions with the intention of spurring economic growth in our great city. Over the last few years, we have now seen the materialization of those planning efforts with some incredible new development. This development not only allows all of us to frequent great retail, restaurant and entertainment options closer to home, but it also keeps more of our sales tax dollars in Riverton, improving our financial position and allowing taxes and fees to be kept low.

Just last month, we were able to announce that Costco Wholesale has officially submitted a formal commercial site plan application for a location at the northeast corner of 13200 S and Mountain View Corridor, just north of Mountain View Village. This project is situated on 19.19-acre property and will include a 160,000 square foot warehouse, Costco gas station and more than 800 parking stalls. No doubt this location will attract customers from all over the southwest valley including residents from Herriman, Bluffdale and western South Jordan. The site plan has now been approved by the Planning Commission. Construction at the site will likely begin this fall. It is anticipated the store will open in summer of 2022.

The addition of such a well-established and successful business will have a tremendous influence on our economic viability and future growth of the western commercial district for years to come. It is important to understand that a project of this size will have a considerable impact on future sales tax revenue and our ability to keep property taxes and other fees low for residents. We currently utilize a 0% property tax rate and our average annual utility fees remain lower than fees issued by our neighboring cities. This means less burden on Riverton taxpayers and more money that can be spent on essential government functions.

With the inclusion of this newest project, our western commercial district will be anchored by Costco, Harmons and the numerous other shopping and dining options located within Mountain View Village phase I. We are also very excited for the completion of Mountain View Village Phase II, which will include first in-state shopping, entertainment and specialty retail opportunities. There is also approximately 480 acres remaining within the western district that is owned and operated by Suburban Land Reserve (SLR). Most of this land is designated as “mixed use” which means it will include both commercial and residential housing developments. Our expectation is that most of this project area south of 13400 will be residential, while north of 13400 will be largely built out with commercial and office uses.

As we move into the future, it is my intention to work alongside SLR to ensure this area reflects the desires of our residents and provides a safe and healthy mix of commercial and residential housing developments. This continued proper planning will allow our city to provide the very best services and opportunities for residents. Our city is financially secure, economically diverse, and I look forward to all the additional growth that will take place in the coming future.

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