Council Message: Transportation and Connectivity

Councilman Sheldon StewartBy Councilman Sheldon Stewart

During the month of January, UDOT closed east-west traffic flow on 12600 S for an estimated 7 to 8 months to facilitate the completion of a freeway style interchange on Bangerter Highway that will significantly improve traffic traveling in this area of Riverton. To facilitate the construction of a freeway style interchange, UDOT had to purchase the Texas Roadhouse property, necessitating the business relocate. This closure will also have impact on the businesses surrounding this area during the closure period. As part of Riverton’s Local First initiative, we would encourage you to find ways to support these businesses during this time.

For up to the minute information on events or incident in Riverton or more details related to the businesses you can support you can get the information as follows:

As part of many of our business friendly initiatives, such as the elimination of the business license fee, Riverton City has launched a Local First initiative to encourage support of Riverton businesses. This includes businesses impacted by the 12600 S interchange project. I encourage residents and neighbors to continue supporting businesses located in this area.

Bangerter Highway / 12600 S Intersection Businesses

As we look forward to completion of this interchange in late 2021, we still have more to do as residents and a city. During this legislative session, we are hopeful that by the time you are reading this article our state leaders have provided funding to complete the interchanges along the remainder of Bangerter Highway and that prioritization be given to 13400 S, 2700 W and the Bangerter-I-15 connection.

It is hoped that action will be taken to improve east-west flow, improvements to and completion of Mountain View Corridor and prioritizing these over projects tied to U-111 (Bacchus Highway). This message is a call on our state leaders to:

  1. Identify an east-west corridor in conjunction with and supported by local leaders.
  2. Improve safety along Mountain View Corridor to prevent the high fatality rate of accidents along this road with early warning throughout the enter length of the road.
  3. Eliminate limitations with Mountain View Corridor projects tied to completion of connections in other counties.
  4. Fund Improvements to Mountain View Corridor and the completion of this road.
  5. Create accountability with UTA related to services provided to the southwest region of Salt Lake County instead of prioritizing projects based on unfair calculations and formulas and accounting for dollars collected in regions and the spending of those dollars.

As we work with and encourage our state leaders to take action on these projects, we will see significant improvements in the quality of life for Riverton residents.


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