Mayor's Message: Support Our Community by Supporting Local Businesses

Local First RivertonBy Mayor Trent Staggs

At the heart of any thriving community, you will find good people, good businesses, and good governance. I believe we have all three of those going for us here in Riverton. As we have assessed the impact COVID-19 has had on our community, it is clear that it has tested the resiliency of all three of those components; however, one of them has been hit particularly hard over the last year: our businesses.

Knowing that many of our businesses are strained, and some financially struggling, Riverton City is launching a marketing and public education campaign called “Local First Riverton” to support our businesses. The goal of the campaign will be to educate residents on the benefits to our community by buying local and to encourage residents to support local businesses more often and where possible.

The benefits to a community when residents buy goods and services from local businesses are clear. These are the most significant benefits we see when residents support businesses in Riverton:

  1. It stimulates the local economy and keeps more money in the community.
  2. It creates and sustains employment opportunities for residents to work closer to home.
  3. It allows goods and services you need and want to be offered nearby.
  4. It keeps fees and taxes for city services low by keeping sales tax dollars in Riverton.
  5. It fosters a community that cares about and invests in itself.
Local First Riverton

Please consider these benefits the next time you plan to buy a product or service, and ask yourself, “Can I spend my dollars locally?” By adjusting your shopping habits and directing your spending dollars to businesses in Riverton, where possible, you can have a tremendous impact on our local community.

I encourage you to think local first and consider supporting a Riverton business the next time you need groceries, or gas, or go out to eat. You will be benefiting our community if you do.

I admire all of you, our residents, businesses and employees for the strength and resolve you’ve shown in the face of such challenging times. Let’s keep going. If each of our 45,000+ residents begin to think local first, just imagine the prosperity and opportunities that will be opened to our community!


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