Council Message: Redistricting of City Council Districts

Redistricting of City Council DistrictsBy Councilmember Sheldon Stewart

We will be participating in the processes tied to the 2020 Census and the impacts on the political process of aligning and redistricting areas this year.  Many do not know that this process also occurs at the local level, and sometime this year, we will make adjustments to our local city council districts. As Riverton has grown, most of the growth has occurred west of Bangerter Highway. The growth over the next ten years will be primarily in this area as well.  There is presently only one council district that is completely west of Bangerter Highway, which is District 1, and the one I represent. The remaining four districts meet at roughly 2700 W. As a city, it is important that we ensure that we have proper representation that covers our city and is balanced through the representative areas. It is important that the boundaries of our districts:

  1. Are split so that each district has relatively equal population.
  2. Each district accounts for the areas of projected growth so that one district is not overburdened with the majority of growth.
  3. That representation accounts for the various boundaries of other entities, such as school boundaries.

As we go through the alignment process, I personally have goals that will ensure:

  1. At least two council districts are drawn completely west of Bangerter Highway.
  2. That the remaining three districts have representation west of Bangerter highway with an alignment near the Welby Jacob Canal, which is approximately 4300 W.
  3. The growth area of the city is split proportionately among all districts.
  4. That multiple council districts share in the representation or areas where budget, events, and activities are driven, such as school district, resource centers, and city amenities and services.

Some things residents may not know or be aware of is:

  1. Schools: District 1 has no students that are included in Riverton High School boundaries. All attend either Mountain Ridge High School or Herriman High School; however, more than 90% of city resources for the high schools are dedicated to Riverton High School and programs that target participation from Riverton High School.
  2. Apartments: An estimated 80% of apartment complexes that exist or are approved are within the boundaries of District 1 and the only other district that has apartments is District 5.
  3. Growth: Nearly 100% of the large areas remaining for growth are found in District 1 and District 3.

As our city grows, we face new challenges. During this time as we evaluate the boundaries within our city for those that represent it, there is opportunity to correct some of the disparity that occurs as our city expands. These will be the challenges and issues that the City Council and city staff will face as we propose changes through this process. Please be sure to reach out to your councilmembers to ensure your voice is heard through this process.

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