Mayor's Message: Improving Public Infrastructure

Mayor's Message: Improving Public InfrastructureBy Mayor Trent Staggs

A top priority of Riverton City’s strategic plan is to “create a well-connected community with properly maintained utilities and infrastructure.” This has proven challenging in the midst of such expansive growth; some of which is in our city, but much of it in our neighboring communities that still traffic our roadways.

Over approximately the last decade, Riverton City has invested around $40 million in various infrastructure projects between Bangerter Highway and Mountain View Corridor alone. Even with these investments, we have seen unprecedented levels of roadway congestion in recent years related to growth, and recently due to UDOT’s conversion of Bangerter Highway intersections into freeway style interchanges. However, I am excited to announce that the Bangerter interchange project is moving quickly, and this month east/west traffic along 12600 S will be restored. The entire project should be completed by end of year. The 13400 S and Bangerter interchange has been fully funded with HB433 this past session, with construction set to begin in 2023. In addition, you may have noticed new traffic signals arrived in August at the intersection of 4050 W and 13400 S. This roadway, Old Liberty Way, will provide vital, additional connectivity between 12600 S and 13400 S. Lastly, construction of Majestic Rise Way (13200 S) from Mountain View Corridor to Old Liberty Way is also scheduled to be completed in the next few weeks. Together, all three projects will play a significant role in alleviating congestion and cutting down travel time along our major travel corridors.

While several of our large-scale infrastructure projects are taking place near Riverton’s western commercial district, our east side has its own projects to be excited about. We have the 1300 W “S-Curve” roadway project nearing completion. The 1300 W sidewalk, curb and gutter project from 13100 S to 13200 S will also be finished to provide safer walking routes for students. We are also budgeting about $1 million per year toward the maintenance of existing roadways with overlay, crack and slurry seal projects, improving some 50 roads or more each year.

In addition to roadway projects, there are several trail improvements that have been budgeted and being actively worked on this year, to include the Rose Creek Trail and Midas Creek Trail. We are also in early discussions to create improved pedestrian access across some of the major roadways and canals in our city.

As you can tell, there is a lot going on in our fast-growing city; nonetheless, there is always more work to be done. Fortunately, in passing of HB244, our local legislators have secured $700,000 every year for the next fifteen years for infrastructure projects in Riverton. With this money and other resources, we will continue to strategically prioritize and plan future infrastructure projects that will best support the needs of our current and future residents.


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