Council Message: City Strategic Priorities to be Reviewed in January

Councilman Sheldon StewartBy Councilmember Sheldon Stewart

In 2017, the Mayor and City Council established our city’s first vision and mission statement along with our first published set of strategic priorities. Each year in January, the Mayor and City Council along with members of the city staff spend a full day dedicated to re-evaluating each of the strategic priorities and updating them needed. As we enter 2022, we will review the current vision and mission of the city which are:

Vision Statement
While preserving our past, citizens, families, businesses and leaders unite in building a community where we can live, work and play.

Mission Statement
Riverton City provides essential services that enhance the quality of life and sense of community for all citizens. We foster kind, open and responsive interactions, generating positive citizen involvement and innovative solutions. Leaders, citizens and employees hold each other accountable to meet the needs of the community.

These statements have driven Riverton’s future. As a city, we have strengthened our community with our strategic priorities and are a leader in areas of innovation, and foresight. As a business leader, I have seen massive growth in my business similar to what we are seeing in Riverton, with the 40+ years in Riverton I have watched our city transition from small to large. As a leader, I have seen two things that have helped me direct and manage expectations:

  1. Strategic Priorities
  2. Service Level Agreements or SLAs

As a city, we have developed strategic priorities that help provide the guidance to those that work within and serve our community. Those strategic priorities are as follows:

  1. Foster safe and healthy neighborhoods that provide a strong sense of community and balanced opportunities to live work and play.
  2. Promote a thriving business climate that supports the needs of Riverton residents.
  3. Create a revitalized, pedestrian-friendly downtown destination.
  4. Establish vibrant parks, recreational opportunities, and events that build bridges within the community.
  5. Create a well-connected community with properly maintained utilities and infrastructure.
  6. Actively engage and inform residents.
  7. Establish operational excellence.
  8. Promote fiscally responsible governance. 

The city has made a lot of progress in accomplishing these priorities, but there is still more to do. These priorities have given the direction needed to help us through many things and each member of the city staff sees how their job affects these priorities.

The second point is service level agreements or more commonly known as SLAs. In my business, this is a predefined agreement established at the highest levels primarily to manage expectations between multiple parties and usually tied to communication, systems, or functionality. I introduced this concept several years ago and I’m excited to finally see it come fruition.

With the Mayor and City Council supporting the development of these agreements, this past November our city manager and staff presented the first set of defined SLAs. I am proud of the work that has been done in this area, which strengthens our vision and mission, and the strategic priorities we have established. We now have a process that sets appropriate expectations and creates accountability to the SLAs.

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