Council Message: New City Council Districts

New Riverton City Council District MapBy Councilmember Tawnee McCay

Did you know that with the most recent 2020 census, Riverton City will be updating our city council districts? We are. I like that Riverton is separated into districts because it seems each area has its own challenges and strengths, and it is nice to have a councilmember focus on each area. I am always interested in data and working with numbers, so early on I sat down with our great Communications Director and worked on some maps that I felt would be favorable for all. I thought the following parameters were important:

  1. To keep as much of the current districts intact as possible. We as councilmembers know and enjoy working with the people who live around us in our current districts and hopefully more of you are getting to know who to contact if you need assistance.
  2. To take future growth within Riverton into account. Our city is growing, more so on west side of the city, so most districts will be shifting to the west to account for the current and future population growth.
  3. Have the map follow major roadways and canals making it easier for everyone to recognize the districts. The districts also needed to follow the census tracts, so we needed to take that in account to ensure we know the population of each area.

We put the newly proposed districts on the agenda and discussed changes at our city council meeting in January. The council was able to come to a consensus on updates to the district map.

The major changes are District 3 (Councilmember McCay) will add the Western Springs area. The District 5 border (Councilmember Wells) will move all the way to 2700 W. 12600 S will continue to be dividing line between districts for now. District 4 (Councilmember Buroker) will move a little north to take in more along 2700 W.

We recently held a strategic planning meeting and reviewed the responses to the citizen survey conducted in December and how we could incorporate that feedback in planning for the future. I am always impressed with how committed our staff and elected officials are and how much they care about our city. I consider it an honor to serve our great city and always strive to allow individual freedom and provide great services while being fiscally conservative. Thank you for making Riverton a great place to raise a family and call home.

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