Council Message: Building on the Legacy of the Past

By Councilmember Troy McDougal

July is a wonderful month to pause and take stock in what has brought us to where wepioneer-handcarts - Copy are today. We celebrate two major events that have benefited the residents of Riverton City. The first is the remembrance of our national independence on July 4. Men and women, years ago, made not just one sacrifice, but multiple sacrifices, over a long period of time, to allow us to enjoy the freedoms we have today. Regardless of political affiliations or cultural differences, they united their best efforts to establish a land of liberty. Throughout the years, men and women have again united to defend those freedoms, and it is appropriate that we take this time to thank those past and present who have and are serving our country. Thank you for your service!

The second celebration is held on July 24 to commemorate the men and women who at great sacrifice journeyed to Utah and established what would later be the 45th state in the Union. Their sacrifice was not one journey, but the sacrifice of a lifetime, and of many throughout the years, to establish a place that we call home, a place that we raise our families, find new friends: a town like Riverton where we give our best effort to come together and develop a place we love to live!

I challenge us all to follow the example of those from the past. We should each reach out to our neighbors and friends to work toward common goals rather than focus on that which divides us. I believe we can unite to continue to build on the legacy of the past so that those in the future might enjoy what we have.

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