Public Safety Message: Honoring Those Who Came Before Us

By Chief Don Hutson

rpd-thumbThe commemoration of the founding of our country and the celebration of our pioneer heritage in Utah are both important holidays in our community and appropriately deserve our attention during the month of July. As we recover from all the activities typically associated with these holidays, I believe it is a good time to reflect on the sacrifices made by both our founding fathers and the pioneers who settled our great state. We owe a great deal to our ancestors and those who came before us and sacrificed so much to allow us to have the freedoms and standard of living we enjoy today. I believe to truly show appreciation for those sacrifices we have a responsibility to do our part to ensure future generations can continue to enjoy these same benefits.

You may ask what can be done to make that happen and how this relates to public safety and law enforcement. Well, the protection of the freedoms we are afforded by our Constitution and the comfortable lifestyle available to us can only continue if a significant majority of us are actively engaged in the protection of our community. A community can only exist if most people voluntarily comply with societal rules and norms. This is a basic tenet of public safety and is critically important to ensuring our form of government can continue to thrive.

That said, to really honor our forbearers and create a thriving community which can be sustained for years to come, members of the community, including members of the Riverton Police Department, should go above and beyond and be actively engaged in the preservation of good order. This means we should constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to help people in need, provide unsolicited service whenever possible, and ensure our neighborhoods are safe.

Riverton is a great city and is full of incredible people. I have witnessed so many acts of kindness and great service provided by our officers and members of our community that I am optimistic we will continue to be a thriving and desirable community for future generations. We in the Riverton Police Department appreciate the opportunity we have to provide law enforcement services to our citizenry, and we are proud to work with all of you to continue to preserve our quality of life and truly honor those who came before us.

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