Council Message: Riverton Kids, A Story for You!

By Councilmember Tawnee McCay

tawnee-thumbnailI recently took hundreds of awesome Riverton elementary kids on a tour of Riverton City Hall. I told them a story about Kate who was so excited to jump out of bed on Saturday morning and get ready for her soccer game. She hurried and brushed her teeth. What do you think came out of the faucet when she turned it on? Muddy brown water or crystal-clear water? It was nice, clean drinking water. Did you know Riverton City’s Water Department makes sure we have safe drinking water for everyone in our city? Then Kate ran downstairs, ate breakfast and jumped in the car. As she drove to the park for her game, she saw workers filling a pothole in the road. They work for Riverton City’s Street Department. When she got to the park, it was mowed, by Riverton City’s Parks Department, and her soccer games were planned by, you guessed it, Riverton City’s Recreation Department. Kate was happy because they won their soccer game, but as they were leaving, they saw a lost dog that ran into the street. Her mom called Riverton City Animal Control to keep the dog safe. On the way home, they stopped by the new Costco that had been approved and inspected by the city's Planning Department. Can you believe all the things our awesome city employees do?

Riverton also has our Police and Fire Departments which work at our schools and help to keep us safe. Thank you to the Communications Department that helped put this newsletter together and made sure we knew about the parade and fireworks. The city also has Christmas card contests, art shows, plays and this summer we are encouraging people to put on their life vest, grab a canoe, kayak or tube and get into the Jordan River. Our city workers work hard to make sure Riverton is a great place to live!

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