Mayor's Message: Enhancing Our Sense of Community

By Mayor Trent Staggs

When we surveyed residents in December of 2021, the number one word used to answer the question “Please describe the best aspects of living in Riverton:” was community. This didn’t come as a surprise, but really confirmed what we’ve known: people love living in Riverton because of our strong sense of community. As a result of this finding, elected officials made “sense of community” a core strategic theme in our work for the years ahead.

Over the course of the last year, we have begun and completed a signage project to help us further enhance the sense of community in Riverton. This includes differentiating ourselves from our neighboring cities so both residents and visitors know when they are in Riverton. Though we have much in common with our neighbors, we are a distinct, special community. The project included 1) updated monument signage at major city entrances, 2) city boundary signage and 3) wayfinding signage in the Riverton Town Center.

momunment-signMonument Signage
We have replaced four major monument signs at the following locations: 12600 S east entrance, 12600 S west entrance, 13400 S west entrance and on 13400 S near Mountain View Village. We have also installed minor monument signs at three new locations: north and south entrances on Mountain View Corridor and the west entrance of 13200 S. The signs feature the Riverton logo on a light gray background with a distinct slanted edge at the top, brick at the bottom and the word “welcome” in blue on the side. These signs combine a modern, clean look at the top with a classic look at the bottom, a look and feel representative of our community.

A special feature at three of the signs is the installation of a flagpole with a large American flag near the sign. The majority of Riverton residents are patriotic and appreciate the freedom and liberty this country provides us. The installation of the American flag at these locations is a symbol of our community’s patriotism.

city-boundary-signCity Boundary Signage
Differentiating ourselves from our neighboring cities was our priority as we installed basic aluminum signs at entrances to our community. This includes 16 larger signs at major entrances to Riverton and 45 smaller signs at neighborhood entrances. Though very basic, these signs are important. Perhaps too often, along the edges, corners end peninsulas of our city, it’s easy for our community to lose our identity for both residents and neighbors. These signs will be a small reminder that, regardless of how residents or visitors enter our city, we want them to know they are in Riverton. These signs have a similar look to our monument signs and wayfinding, including a distinct slanted edge at the top.

wayfinding-signWayfinding Signage
Wayfinding signs have been installed in the Riverton Town Center to provide directions to major public facilities and amenities. In total, 20 signs were installed with five of them being double-sided. These signs are found near Riverton City Hall, near Riverton City Park, along Park Avenue, along 1300 W and 12400 S. These signs have a similar look to our new monument signs and boundary signs.

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