Riverton City Launches New Mobile App for Residents

Riverton Connect Mobile AppRiverton City has launched a new mobile app aimed at connecting residents with city information and services right from their mobile devices. The Riverton Connect app, available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play, provides easy access to basic city information, including a contact directory, event calendar, news feed and places listing. The most important features of the app are its report a problem capability and emergency alert push notifications.

Users have the ability to send reports directly to city officials about problems within the city ranging from malfunctioning city sprinklers to broken street lights and crime tips to pot holes. City officials will have the ability to send out emergency alerts and other push notifications to app users instantly, ensuring people are informed when it matters most.

“This app creates a very convenient and easy way for our residents to engage with the city when they have a problem or need information about something,” said Mayor Trent Staggs. “It really falls in line with our strategic plan to ensure Riverton residents are engaged with their city government and have the information they need and want, in the format they want. We want to be as responsive as possible to the needs of our citizens and this app creates another avenue to help us do that.”

Having a tool that brings city services together in a mobile-friendly way was a priority for city leaders.

“The new app really highlights our commitment to provide information to people in a mobile-friendly environment,” said City Councilman Sheldon Stewart. “People are going to love the capabilities of the new app. Residents can pay their utility bill, view a city meeting agenda, call their elected officials and so much more all at the touch of a finger.”

The app integrates seamlessly with existing features on the user’s mobile device, including native email, calendar, map and phone apps. Examples of that integration are found in the places listing and event calendar. The places listing provides contact information for public facilities, schools and parks that can be used in a variety of ways right from the app, including directions and mapping tools and one-touch calling and emailing. The event calendar allows users to add desired city events to their own mobile device calendar, removing the hassle of typing in information natively.

“I encourage all of our residents to download and use the Riverton Connect app,” Staggs said. “The capabilities of this app will ensure our residents are informed and have the resources at hand to take action and make decisions in real time.”

Residents wishing to download the Riverton Connect app can visit rivertonutah.gov/app to find links to the app store of their choice.

Published April 16, 2018

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