Riverton City Issues Statement Opposing 8,700+ Unit Olympia Hills Development

Olympia Hills Density ProposalRiverton City released the following statement in opposition to the proposed 8,700+ Olympia Development located at approximately  6300-8500 W and 12400-13100 S. The city is encouraging members of the Salt Lake County Council to deny approval of the property rezone at their June 5 meeting.

“As elected officials of Riverton City, we are hereby asking the Salt Lake County Council to deny the rezone of 931 acres from A-2 to P-C, which covers the area approximately from 6300-8500 W and 12400-13100 S. Though the property does not directly border Riverton, we are concerned about the potential negative impact it will have on our city. Our concerns include:

  • Density: The sheer number of units in the development is nothing short of overwhelming. With a proposed 8,765 units on 931 acres. It is estimated that this would add an additional 30,000+ residents to the southwest part of the valley; essentially adding another city approaching the size of Herriman or Riverton, but in a tenth of the land area.
  • Roadway Infrastructure: A major flaw in the development’s traffic study is not including the impact to 12600 S, which runs through the middle of our city. 12600 S is one of the few roads that connect the southwest part of the valley to I-15. This road has already reached critical levels of traffic during peak commute hours.
  • Utility Infrastructure: Utility infrastructure is a major concern. Research provided by the county shows that major improvements and capacity upgrades may be needed for some critical utilities. We are concerned about potential negative impacts for our residents, and the ability for service providers to adequately plan to meet future demand.
  • Open Space: We have reservations about the development of the remaining open space in the southwest portion of the valley, especially at such a high density. We are worried that approval of this development would set a dangerous precedent for future undeveloped properties.

We appreciate the work the County Council does on behalf of citizens. We know these decisions are not made without much consideration. In our view, in order to mitigate potential negative impacts for neighboring communities, we call upon members of the Salt Lake County Council to deny approval of the rezone at this time so that concerns may be addressed.”

Mayor Trent Staggs
Councilmember Tish Buroker
Councilmember Brent Johnson
Councilmember Tawnee McCay
Councilmember Sheldon Stewart
Councilmember Tricia Tingey

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