Public Safety Message: Emergency Preparedness Resources for Riverton Residents

thumb-public-safety-message-may-2024When disaster strikes, having a plan and being prepared can make all the difference. Riverton City's Emergency Preparedness webpage is a valuable resource designed to help you and your family stay safe during emergencies. This comprehensive guide covers four essential sections: Build a Kit, Make a Plan, Be Informed, and Get Involved.

Build a Kit
Emergency kits are crucial because they provide essential supplies during disasters when access to basic amenities may be limited. These kits can sustain individuals and families until help arrives, increasing their chances of survival. Being prepared with an emergency kit can reduce panic and stress during a crisis, allowing for a more organized and safer response. Having a well-stocked emergency kit in various locations is a proactive way to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your community in times of need.

Make a Plan
Emergency preparedness plans are vital as they outline clear steps to follow during disasters, ensuring a coordinated response. These plans help allocate resources efficiently and minimize confusion and chaos in emergency situations. By having a plan in place, cities can reduce the impact of disasters on residents and infrastructure. Preparedness plans also promote community resilience, fostering a sense of unity and support among residents. Use the steps provided on the webpage to draft your own emergency preparedness plan.

Be Informed
Being informed during a disaster or emergency is crucial as it allows individuals to make informed decisions to protect themselves and their families. Timely and accurate information can help people understand the risks and take appropriate actions. Being informed also enables residents to stay updated on emergency response efforts and know when it is safe to return to normal activities. Additionally, being informed promotes community solidarity, encouraging neighbors to help each other during challenging times.

Get Involved
Getting involved in emergency preparedness is essential as it empowers individuals to contribute to the safety and resilience of their community. By actively participating in preparedness activities, individuals can learn valuable skills that can save lives during emergencies. Involvement in preparedness efforts also fosters a sense of responsibility and community spirit, strengthening the overall resilience of the city. Ultimately, being involved in emergency preparedness helps create a community that is better equipped to face and recover from disasters.

Visit Riverton City's Emergency Preparedness webpage today at to access valuable resources and information that can help you and your family stay safe during emergencies. Prepare now and be ready for whatever challenges may come your way.

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