Mayor’s Message: Citizens’ Priorities Shape the City Budget

thumb-mayors-message-june-2024By Mayor Trent Staggs

Riverton City is in an enviable financial position. I credit this due to proper planning and the fiscal discipline of our elected officials, the immense talent of city staff, and our thriving partnership with our engaged citizenry.

On May 7, I presented the Mayor’s Proposed Budget for fiscal year 2025 to our City Council. I constructed this budget after extensive discussions with executive staff and reviewing the priorities identified by residents in our recent Citizens Survey. Know that we hear you and we are working to implement the vision articulated for our community.

The following are features of the budget I’d like to emphasize:

  • There are NO proposed fee or tax increases. This is significant after more than 75 government entities in the state held truth in taxation hearings this last year. Riverton City has delivered over $16 million in taxpayer savings since creating our own fire and police service area.
  • The city maintains an AAA bond rating and the debt per capita has dropped to $714 per resident, an over 20 year low.
  • When reviewing the budget, the general fund is thought to be the best barometer of financial prudence because it is less subject to change year over year. This FY 2025 general fund is increasing only 11% from last year even while bearing the burden of five additional full-time employees and still navigating the inflationary pressures of our current economy.
  • Over the past 10 years, Riverton City’s sales tax revenue has increased over 230%. Although a slowdown is predicted, the city still anticipates a sales tax revenue of $13 million in FY 2025 – a slight increase from the previous year.

Three major projects are prioritized in this year’s budget to coincide with citizen requests:

  • The Green Well project construction is nearly complete, and it is positioned to save taxpayers roughly $1 million in municipal water purchases each year. This reverse osmosis plant will provide culinary water equal to or greater than the cleanliness standards of Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District.
  • Riverton City is rare in that it has 100% connection of a pressurized secondary water system with each household. Enhancements of water cleanliness and pressure will be made to this system to ensure this asset will be available to all and for generations to come.
  • The Welby Canal Trail & Bridge project over 13400 South will ensure better pedestrian safety and greater walkable paths throughout the city. This was a priority identified by residents in our Citizen Survey.

This proposed city budget helps fulfill Riverton residents’ expectations in self-governance. As your elected representatives, it is incumbent on us to exercise all prudence and excellence in detailing plans to accomplish our shared objectives.

I invite you to attend the scheduled public hearings for the Fiscal Year 2025 budget on June 4 and June 18 at 7 p.m. in our city council chamber. I welcome your ideas and feedback on how to improve this budget and our city.

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