Council Message: Riverton Reveals America’s Strength

thumb-andy-pierucci-council-messageBy Councilmember Andy Pierucci

July is a wonderful month to reflect upon the principles our country and our state were founded on.

Independence Day and Pioneer Day are set aside for us to celebrate the ideals that built America and Utah, as well as reflect on how to live up to these principles more fully. As the nation watches the embarrassing failures of Congress and the White House to find meaningful solutions to so many pressing issues over the last few months, we are regularly reminded that we cannot look to Washington for the change our country desperately needs. Washington is broken, but America is still strong.

America’s strength is found in the home. It is manifested in the couples who embark on the journey of marriage and welcome new babies into this world, despite facing economic headwinds. It can be heard in the family dinner conversations taking place in houses, apartments, mobile homes, and anywhere else a family lives. Conversations where everyday issues are discussed, and the moral fabric of our society is continually developed layer by layer.

Our strength as a country is also seen in communities across the U.S. Places like Riverton, where locally elected public servants tackle the issues people really care about. The City Council once again adopted a balanced budget, because we understand how difficult living within a budget can be for a family with small children or a senior citizen on a fixed income. Every dollar counts in your household, and we ensure we do the same at city hall. In Riverton, we build roads to connect people rather than allow partisan gridlock to shut down our city. We prioritize funding our police department rather than jeopardize public safety by choking off resources to critical programs. Instead of allowing petty partisan conflicts to get in the way of necessary services, as local leaders we work with neighboring cities, the county, and the state, ensuring access to life essential clean water and reliable energy by investing in critical infrastructure.

As we celebrate America’s Independence Day and Utah’s Pioneer Day, it is important to remember, despite the rhetoric we see on T.V. and the dysfunction Washington D.C. projects, America is still strong. America’s strength was never in D.C., and it will never be in D.C. It has always been in our families and in our local communities. It is in places like Riverton.

Happy Independence Day and Happy Pioneer Day, Riverton!

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