Mayor's Message: Big Progress Made on City's Strategic Priorities

Mayor Trent StaggsBy Mayor Trent Staggs

When assuming the office of mayor in January of 2018, my first priority was to make sure our city had a coherent vision with an accompanying strategic plan. As a result, our governing body convened our first ever strategic planning session that month. A vision and plan were put in place, taking into account not only our own experience, but perhaps more importantly our personal interactions with and survey responses from hundreds of you our residents. By the end of that daylong meeting, the governing body adopted not only a vision and mission but also eight strategic priorities with corresponding initiatives that we felt represented the will of our citizens, setting the agenda for the next four years of our city government. The priorities included:

  1. Promote safe and healthy neighborhoods that foster a strong sense of community, with balanced opportunities to live, work and play.
  2. Facilitate a thriving business climate that supports the needs of our residents.
  3. Create a welcoming, historic downtown destination.
  4. Establish vibrant parks and recreational events that build bridges within the community.
  5. Build a connected community with properly maintained utilities and infrastructure.
  6. Highly engaged and informed residents.
  7. Establish operational excellence in city government.
  8. Promote fiscally responsible governance.

Over the last two years our elected officials and amazing staff have worked tirelessly to make sure we accomplish all of the initiatives tied to each strategic priority. Although these initiatives were planned to be completed by 2022, I am proud to announce that after only two years we have accomplished approximately 75% of all the initiatives.

Your city government has accomplished a lot over the last two years. We have also seen great growth which has brought about new opportunities and challenges. As mayor, I view it as one of my greatest responsibilities to be proactive, try to identify the challenges coming around the bend, and plan with our city council to account for those challenges and addressing the needs of our city and residents.  To that end, your city elected officials met again on January 25 for our annual, all-day strategic planning session. The 10-hour planning meeting provided ample opportunity to re-evaluate our current strategic priorities to make sure they still met the needs of our city and residents. It also gave us an opportunity to look out for the next several years, trying to identify, prepare for and address challenges.

Rest assured, your elected officials and city employees are hard at work and we appreciate all of the input we receive from you. Please review our revised strategic plan and initiatives on the city website. As always, if there is ever anything you need please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, your city council member or our city staff.

Published February 1, 2020

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