Council Message: Board and Committee Representation

Councilwoman Tish BurokerBy Councilwoman Tish Buroker

Greetings Riverton residents. It is a pleasure to represent Riverton City Council in this month’s newsletter. I hope you are enjoying receiving a Riverton City newsletter monthly. The decision to provide a monthly newsletter is the result of feedback that we have received. Many residents have commented that they appreciated and enjoyed receiving the South Valley Journal, and now we have the Riverton Journal, Riverton’s own community newspaper at no additional cost.

As part of city council responsibilities, councilmembers sit on various boards and committees. These boards are responsible for providing critical services to Riverton residents, and ensuring that expenses incurred in providing these services are reasonable. Below are some of the boards our councilmembers sit on, in alphabetical order:

  • Tish Buroker:  Mosquito Abatement, Jordan River Commission, Riverton Law Enforcement Service Area
  • Tawnee McCay:  Riverton Law Enforcement Service Area, Tourism, Recreation, Cultural and Convention Advisory Board, Association of Municipal Governments
  • Troy McDougal: Riverton Law Enforcement Service Area, Redevelopment Agency of Riverton City
  • Trent Staggs: Council of Governments, Council of Mayors, South Valley Sewer District, Southwest Mayors Coalition
  • Sheldon Stewart:  Riverton Law Enforcement Service Area, Unified Fire Authority, Unified Fire Service Area
  • Claude Wells: Riverton Law Enforcement Service Area, Redevelopment Agency of Riverton City

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the above, please contact the appropriate councilmember. I love serving on both Mosquito Abatement and the Jordan River Commission and would be happy to share more.

Riverton organized volunteer committees a couple of years ago. These committees support Riverton’s strategic plan, initiate and provide support for various activities and initiatives. 

A great example of the work these volunteer committees provide is the Historic Preservation Commission’s recommendation that Riverton participate in the Wreaths Across America program that is held each December. With the committee’s recommendation, and the support of Riverton City Parks and Recreation Department, the American Legion, and most importantly the Daughters of the American Revolution who recommended the event to the Historic Preservation Commission, the event was held in December. It was a special, sacred experience. Over 190 wreaths were purchased by the community and placed on the graves of military service members. Go to the to learn more and plan on attending next year on Saturday, December 19. Another great example is the Healthy Riverton Committee which provides monthly suicide prevention training, called QPR, and helps support the Live in Real Life series which is held each January and September. This inspirational event was also supported by the Hope Squads of Riverton High School, South Hills Middle School and Oquirrh Hills Middle School. There were over 1,000 people in attendance.  There are many other volunteer committees.  Please visit our website at to learn more.

This year marks the 150th Anniversary of Women’s Right to Vote in Utah. As part of the yearlong celebration a proclamation was read into the record on February 4 at City Council commemorating this important event. It states that: “equal suffrage and political rights were made possible because of the leadership of visionary women and men who understood that our nation prospers when each citizen has the opportunity to participate in the public sphere.” There will be more events throughout Utah for this important milestone. In addition, there will be nationwide celebrations for the passage of the 19th amendment in 1920 which granted women throughout the United States the right to vote. 

On a final note, I would like to welcome our new members of the City Council, Troy McDougal and Claude Wells. With a couple of meetings completed, and several difficult topics debated, such as short-term rentals I am pleased that we have a committed and diversified council. All of us work hard to be educated about the issues, come prepared to the meetings, and in the end recognize the need to compromise to best meet the needs and wishes of citizens. It is a pleasure to serve with our new council members along with Councilmembers McCay and Stewart.

Published March 1, 2020


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