Council Message: Let's Support Each Other During COVID-19 and Beyond

Councilman Sheldon StewartBy Councilman Sheldon Stewart

As I write, we are in week 3 of work from home activities, and remote learning due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). This has caused me to reflect on significant events that have occurred throughout my life and how we as a nation have come back from these events. As the Mayor and City Council have worked through this, I believe we all recognize the potential outcomes and the current impacts to our community. Our focus has been how we can best support our Riverton family. We recognize and understand the fear that arises and have acknowledge in ourselves these same fears. As a city we have been smart in our management of money and resources and have an amazing city with dedicated members of this family, we as residents, our police, fire, and all of our other city staff are being innovative in the way we support this community family. We will prevail and before long, this disease will be in the rear view mirror.

As a young child growing up in Riverton, I know one thing we are a tough community that works hard and strives for the betterment of our community. This is still true today! We are a city rooted deep in our values and believe the mission statement developed by the Mayor Staggs and the City Council sum these up well:

Riverton City provides essential services that enhance the quality of life and sense of community for all citizens. We foster kind, open and responsive interactions, generating positive citizen involvement and innovative solutions.

During this unique time, I want to focus on the final two points of this statement “positive citizen involvement” and “innovative solutions.” I call upon each of you to look at these statements and see what you can do to help our community. If you have an idea on:

  1. How to better support one another
  2. Assist the city or Riverton businesses

Share your ideas in the manner you are most comfortable or even take action right away. As you do tag Riverton in your posts or tweets and encourage others. I want to emphasize this is a request of all there is no age requirement or skill set, each resident has a unique set of talents that can help. We know it works, as seen with Mayor Staggs’ resident committees. These committees strengthen our community through low to no cost alternatives that have enhanced the services many of our residents are seeing throughout our city.

One final request along these lines for all that can use a phone, reach out and call, not text, one member of your family and one member of your neighborhood or community:

  1. Find out how they are doing and offer support to them through your words.
  2. Encourage them to do the same call a family member and member of their neighborhood or community.

Be Safe!


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