Public Safety Message: Speeding Causes Safety Concerns

Riverton Police DepartmentBy Chief Don Hutson

Many of you may be curious about the number one complaint we in the Riverton Police Department receive from citizens. It is quite simply, speeding. Speeding in our neighborhoods, speeding in our school zones, speeding on our main thoroughfares, speeding everywhere.

It is important to point out the purpose of speed limits on our streets and highways. No, speed limits are not created to affirm government intrusion in our lives or to give law enforcement officers a reason to harass citizens. The sole purpose is to keep all of us safe as we travel on our streets. They are not created in a haphazard manner and the speed limit assigned to any particular stretch of road is based on a number of factors, however, the overriding component in determining the limit is “the speed a vehicle can travel on a stretch of road to maintain the safety of all persons on the roadway.” In other words, it is all about public safety.

With this in mind, the Riverton Police Department will be ramping up our enforcement efforts on the streets of Riverton as we all recover from the pandemic. Please be aware the laser gun does not differentiate between “good law-abiding citizens” and “citizens who deserve a ticket.” It simply identifies a vehicle which is driving faster than the posted speed limit.

If you are the subject of a traffic stop by an officer, please be aware we are simply attempting to gain compliance to the speed limit, and it is not personal. Unfortunately, speeding and other traffic offenses may result in a citation and a fine.

My hope is during this increased enforcement operation we will find everyone obeying the speed limit and we will not be conducting any traffic stops. If this is not the case, I hope both officers and citizens can have a pleasant encounter based on respect and understanding and go about their business.

Thank you for your understanding and your help as we keep our streets safe.

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