Home-Based Business License

Home-Based Business License ApplicationAll home-based businesses operating in Riverton must obtain a business license issued by Riverton City. The license comes at no charge but must be obtained prior to conducting business. Licenses are non-transferable between owners or locations. Licenses must be renewed on a yearly basis.

Relevant Fees

  • Home-Based Business License Application Fee: $0
  • Late Renewal Fee: $50 (after 30 days late)

To obtain a Home-Based Business License, please complete each step below:

Step 1: Verify Zoning & Land Use Ordinances
Before proceeding with your business idea, you should verify your business will fully comply with all land use and zoning ordinances at the desired location in Riverton. Contact the Riverton City Development Services Department with any questions about land use and zoning at 801-208-3149 or planning@rivertonutah.gov.

Step 2: Identify Neighborhood Impact
A simple business that will be operated in or from the home should have no impact on the surrounding neighborhood. This includes no deliveries, no employees, no retails sales at the home, no in-person customers, no signage, no on or off-street parking, no storage of significant inventory or materials, etc.

Some exceptions to neighborhood impact may be allowed if you receive a Conditional Use Permit. This includes businesses such as dance studios, daycares, firearm repair or manufacturing businesses, instructional classes, massage therapists, preschools, salons, short-term rentals, etc. If your business requires a Conditional Use Permit, you must receive it prior to applying for a Riverton City business license. Most businesses that require a Conditional Use Permit must also receive and pass a building inspection.

To inquire about obtaining a Conditional Use Permit please contact the Riverton City Development Services Department at 801-208-3149 or planning@rivertonutah.gov. For building inspection inquiries or scheduling, please call 801-208-3138 or email building@rivertonutah.gov.

Step 3: Register Your Business with the State of Utah
Register your business name with the Utah Department of Commerce. Unless you have a sole proprietorship, you must be registered with the state (see requirements for sole proprietorships in the next paragraph). Click here to register your business using the state's OneStop Business Registration tool. This tool allows you to register with the Utah State Tax Commission and the Utah Department of Workforce Services in addition to registering your name with the Utah Department of Commerce. This registration alone does not authorize you to conduct business in Riverton. If you have questions about this registration process, please contact the Utah Department of Commerce at 801-530-4849.

If you are a sole proprietorship, you must either register with the State of Utah (you can register as a DBA) or show proof that you are a resident of the home you are operating the business out of. Examples of proof of residency can be a utility bill or a copy of your driver's license. The business license application will allow you to upload a file showing proof of residency.

Step 4: Register Your Business with the Utah State Tax Commission
Most businesses selling goods and products, or providing select services, must be registered with the Utah State Tax Commission (Sales and Use Tax Account) and have Riverton listed as an outlet location under their state sales tax ID number. Businesses must provide their assigned state sales tax ID number (when applicable) when submitting a Riverton City business license application below. Business license applications will not be processed if this number is not provided and the business's Riverton location is not listed as an outlet location. If you have questions, please contact the Utah State Tax Commission at 801-297-2200.

Step 5: Obtain All Relevant County, State & Federal Licenses, Permits & Inspections
Obtain all county, state and federal licenses and permits that are required for your business type and pass any required inspections. Businesses are entirely responsible for ensuring they are 1) aware of and 2) have received all required licenses and permits. You must upload proof you have received all required county, state and federal licenses or permits when submitting your Riverton City business license application. Here are a few links to resources that may be helpful, though this list is not exhaustive:

Step 6: Apply for a Riverton City Business License
Once the above steps are complete, you can submit the home-based business license application. If you submit the application before completing the steps above, please keep in mind it will be kept on hold until they are complete.  You can apply for a home-based business license using the button below. Once you have received your business license, you are approved to open for business.

We hope you find great success doing business in Riverton!

Home-Based Business License Application

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