Riverton City Cemetery

Location & Contact
Riverton City Cemetery
1500 W 13200 S
Riverton, Utah 84065

Cemetery Business Office

Riverton City Hall - City Recorder's Office
12830 S Redwood Road
Riverton, Utah 84065

Phone: 801-208-3128
Email: cemetery@rivertonutah.gov

Interactive Map

Click the button below to explore an interactive map of the Riverton City Cemetery that shows who is buried where, available plots and more.

Cemetery Map

Burial Plot Purchases & Fees

  • Two (2) forms of Proof of Residency will be required for a resident purchase.
  • The maximum number of plots allowed for purchase per household in the entire cemetery is four (4). If you currently own four (4) or more graves within the entire cemetery, no additional plots may be purchased. The newly added section of the cemetery allows for double stacking; therefore, four (4) plots then become eight (8), if you so choose. 

Pricing is as follows:

(Two forms of Proof of Residency required) 
Grave Purchase: $1,200
Infant or Cremation Plot: $400                   

Grave Purchase: $3,000
Infant or Cremation Plot: $600    

(Same Fee for Resident and Non-Resident)   
Mon - Fri Open & Close:
$800, Single Depth Burials  
$1,200, #1 of a Double Stack Burial  
$800, #2 of a Double Stack Burial  
$500, Infant or Cremation Burials                                                              

Saturday Open & Close:
$1,200, Single Depth Burials 
$1,600, #1 of a Double Stack Burial 
$1,200, #2 of a Double Stack Burial  
$800, Infant or Cremation Burials

$200 / Hour Overtime Fee:  Assessed for services that extend beyond 4 p.m.

$100 Monument Company Permit / Inspection Fee:
  Prior to scheduling monument installations, please contact the Riverton City Cemetery Business Office for permit and payment arrangements.

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