Please be aware due to COVID-19 and our reduced staff, effective April 1, 2020 - Riverton City Cemetery will not accept headstone requests until April 20, 2020.

Deadlines for Funeral Directors/Monument Companies 

As of March 2019, a Grave Marker Permit/Installation Form must accompany ALL headstone placement requests. ADDITIONALLY, there are several sections in the Riverton City Cemetery that allow FLAT headstones ONLY.  PLEASE CHECK THE REGULATIONS FOR YOUR GRAVE BEFORE ORDERING A HEADSTONE.

Please note: Monument companies are not allowed to place or remove a headstone without prior authorization from the business office. Riverton City Cemetery requires 48 business hours notice on all burials and headstone removals or placements, which is as follows: 

 Notify Cemetery Business Office:   To Schedule Burial/ Headstone:
 Thursday by Noon  Monday Burial/Headstone
 Friday by Noon      Tuesday Burial/ Headstone
 Monday by Noon  Wednesday Burial/ Headstone
 Tuesday by Noon  Thursday Burial/ Headstone
 Wednesday by Noon   Friday Burial/ Headstone
 Wednesday by Noon  Saturday Burial/ Headstone

*Recognized holidays are the exception. For questions, please call the Cemetery Business Office at 801-208-3128.

Last Updated: July 2019




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