Cemetery Rules & Regulations:

Number of Plots:
The maximum number of plots allowed for purchase per household in the entire
cemetery is four (4). If you currently own four (4) or more graves within the entire cemetery, no
additional plots may be purchased.

Planting: It shall be unlawful for any person to plant shrubs, trees, lawns, flowers, etc., place decorative
stones, monuments or markers, benches, or other permanent items or structures upon any lot in the
cemetery without approval and direction from the City.

  1. All grave decorations or arrangements, real or artificial, shall be allowed until such time as they become faded, worn, or weathered after which they will be removed and disposed of.
  2. Flowers or decorations may be removed seven (7) days following holidays and seven (7) days following a burial.
  3. Flowers or decorations must remain on the headstone only and must not be placed on or in the grass.
  4. Flowers or decorations must not exceed 36 inches in height from ground level.
  5. Glass or porcelain or other breakable objects are not allowed.

Private Improvements Prohibited: It shall be unlawful for any person to erect or maintain any structure,
fence, corner post, coping, or hedge of any kind upon any lot, street or driveway in the cemetery, or grade
the ground or land thereof. The City shall prohibit landmarks and any grading that might destroy or
interfere with the general slope of the land.

Headstones/ Grave Markers/ Monuments: Raised headstones are allowed in the designated areas of the cemetery. No benches are allowed. The owners or relatives of a deceased person interred in the cemetery are required to erect
and maintain, in a manner satisfactory to the City, and at the expense of the plot owner or relatives of the
deceased, headstones, markers, or other suitable monuments at the head, or west end, of the gravesite
only. The name of the deceased person will be plainly inscribed thereon. All headstones, markers, or
monuments must be in an orderly row and reasonably in line with all other such markers in that Block and
may be placed by commercially licensed monument companies only. 

Number: One flat marker or one upright headstone ( approved sections only) and an additional flat marker
meeting the specifications for single flat marker is allowed.

Single Headstone — Upright, Flat, Wedge
Maximum Height is thirty six ( 36) inches. Maximum Width North to South - Including 6 inch mow strip is
forty (40) inches. Maximum Depth East to West- Including 6 inch mow strip is thirty four (34) inches.
All upright markers shall be pinned to the base. If the owner forfeits the placement of a second
headstone, owners can choose to increase the Maximum Depth East to West -Including 6 inch mow strip
to sixty ( 60) inches.

Double Headstone — Upright, Flat, Wedge
Maximum Height is thirty six ( 36) inches, from ground level to top of headstone. Maximum Width North
to South — Including 6 inch mow strip is eighty ( 80) inches. Maximum East to West- Including 6 inch
mow strip is thirty four ( 34) inches. All upright headstones and markers shall be pinned to the base.

Baby Section — Single Flat Headstone Only
Flat Headstones only. Maximum North to South — Including 6 inch mow strip is forty ( 40) inches. Max
East to West — Including 6 inch mow strip is thirty four ( 34) inches.

Cremation Remains Section — Single Flat Marker Only
Flat Markers only. Maximum Size — Including 4 inch mow strip is twenty (20) inches by twenty ( 20)

Mow Strip/ Concrete Base: All headstones, markers and monuments, both flat and upright are required
to have a granite or concrete mow strip rising not more than 1 inch above the ground, extending outward
from the outer perimeter of the base of the headstone, marker, or monument. Said Mow Strip or Base and
shall be six ( 6) inches on all sides. If concrete material is used, a minimum thickness of six ( 6) inches is
required. In the cremation section only, a four ( 4) inch concrete or mow strip is allowed.

Vases: All permanent vases must be placed in the monument or base and must be recessed to ground level
when not in use. Because of the potential for theft and / or vandalism, the installation of removable vases
is discouraged.

City' s Right to Remove Non-Conforming Objects: If any tree or shrub, by means of its roots,
branches, or otherwise, becomes detrimental to adjacent lots or walks, or interferes with the general
appearance of the Cemetery, the City has the right to remove such trees and decorations
of any kind. Additionally, the City may remove any unauthorized plantings that do not conform to the
rules and regulations of the Cemetery.

Last Updated: July 2023

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