Deferred Prosecution

  • If you get a ticket, Deferred Traffic Prosecution can keep points off of your driving record.
  • If you qualify, you pay a fine like a normal ticket. But the charge gets dismissed if you have a clean record for 1 year.

Age 21 and Older
To determine if you eligible for deferred prosecution on your traffic violation, please click the link at the button below to review the information and follow the steps.

Deferred Prosecution

Under Age 21
Riverton City offers Traffic School, a program aimed at enhancing knowledge of traffic laws and teaching participants how be defensive drivers. This program assists in keeping points off of driving records for individuals who qualify. You must have an invitation to attend. 

If you are interested in this program, 1) do not pay your ticket, and 2) contact the Riverton City Justice Court at or  385-237-3444 to schedule an appointment with the judge to be granted an invitation of attendance. You must schedule your appointment within 14 days of receiving your citation.

Payment Options
Riverton City offers several options to pay fines or tickets, including online. To view payment options, click on the button below.

View Payment Options

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