Riverton City elected officials and administration are dedicated to keeping fees and taxes low through fiscally responsible governance and operational excellence. Riverton City is proud of its 0.00% property tax rate. Fees are imposed as appropriate to simply to pay for the actual cost of services or use of facilities.

Riverton City Fee Schedule

Property Tax Rate
Riverton City Property Tax Rate: 0.000000% (2022 Rate)
City rate only. Does not include other entities such as Salt Lake County, Jordan School District, or other taxing entities.

Riverton Law Enforcement Service Area (RLESA) Tax Rate: 0.001177% (2022 Rate)
In 2018, Riverton left the Salt Lake Valley Law Enforcement Service Area (SLVLESA) and moved to RLESA to fund law enforcement services. As a result of this move, Riverton residents are paying less in law enforcement property tax.

Riverton Fire Service Area (RFSA) Tax Rate: 0.001267% (2022 Rate)
In 2021, Riverton City left the Unified Fire Service Area and formed the Riverton Fire Service Area to pay for fire services from Unified Fire Authority.

Utah Sales Tax
Utah Sales Tax Rate: 7.25%

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