Riverton City Treasurer

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City Treasurer Duties

See Riverton City Code, 2.30.020

(1) Appointment. The city mayor, with the advice and consent of the city council, shall appoint a qualified person to be the city treasurer.

(2) Duties. In the daily administration of the financial affairs of Riverton City, or as need arises, the city treasurer shall perform or oversee, and at all times be responsible for, the following duties:

(a) Be the custodian of all money, bonds or other securities of the city.
(b) Determine the cash requirements of the city and provide for the investment of all idle cash.
(c) Receive all money payable to the city, within three business days after collection, including all taxes, licenses, fines and intergovernmental revenue, and keep an accurate, detailed account in the manner provided by the Fiscal Procedures Act for Utah Cities, Title 10, Chapter 6, Utah Code Annotated 1953, or successor provisions.
(d) Give or cause to be given to every person paying money to the city treasury a receipt or other evidence of payment, specifying, as appropriate, the date of payment and upon which account paid, and file the duplicate of the receipt, a separate report or other evidence of payment in the office of the director of finance.
(e) Promptly deposit all city funds in the appropriate bank account of the city.
(f) Keep in proper books a full and accurate account of all the monies, bonds or other securities received and disbursed by him/her on behalf of the city, specifying the time of receipt and disbursement, from whom received and to whom disbursed, on what account received and disbursed, and how paid.
(g) Cancel all warrants and other evidences of debt against the city, whenever paid by him/her.
(h) Receive and have custody of all monies paid to the city and disburse city monies upon the warrant of the director of finance. The city treasurer shall sign all checks prepared by the director of finance. Prior to affixing the signature, the city treasurer shall determine that a sufficient amount is on deposit in the appropriate bank account of the city to honor the check.
(i) Pay city employees, upon presentation of the properly certified payroll.
(j) Demand and receive all monies and fees owing to the city whenever any person is indebted to the city in any manner.
(k) Prepare estimates of revenue and give such other assistance in the preparation of the budget as may be required of him/her by the city mayor.
(l) Collect all special taxes and assessments, as provided by law and ordinance. All money received by the city treasurer on any special assessment shall be applied to the payment of the improvement for which the assessment was made. The money shall be used for the payment of interest and principal on bonds or other indebtedness issues in settlement thereof, and shall be used for no other purpose whatsoever, except as otherwise provided in Section 10-6-131, Utah Code Annotated 1953.
(m) If the city is without funds on deposit in one of its appropriate bank accounts used to pay any lawfully approved claim, the director of finance shall draw and sign a warrant upon the city treasurer for payment of the claim, the warrant to be tendered to the payee named on the warrant. The city treasurer shall pay all warrants in the order in which presented and as money becomes available for payment in the appropriate funds of the city. The city treasurer shall note the date of presentation and date of payment upon the back of each warrant presented.
(n) Make a daily settlement with the director of finance or his/her designee of the amounts received and paid out during the day for which settlement is being made, and at such settlements deliver to the director of finance, properly canceled, all warrants and other obligations to the city paid by him/her since his/her last settlement and take a receipt in duplicate, one to be turned over to the director of finance and one to be retained by him/her, and once each month he/she shall balance accounts with the director of finance, which monthly settlement shall show the balance to the credit of the several funds for which the city treasurer is responsible.
(o) Make a detailed report to the director of finance on the first day of each month as to the business of his/her office during the month preceding, showing the balance on and to the credit of the different funds at the time of his/her last report, the amount received during the month, and on what account, together with such other items and facts the director of finance may require.
(p) Receive cash as required and provide such other general central services as required.
(q) Keep appropriate records concerning bonds and other evidences of indebtedness incurred by the city.
(r) Perform all such duties as may be prescribed by statute, ordinance, or the city mayor or the director of finance which are consistent with law.

(3) Treasurer Subject to the Supervision of the Director of Finance. The office of the city treasurer shall be subject to the supervision and direction of the director of finance; provided, however, that in supervising the performance of the city treasurer, the director of finance shall not engage in any activity which culminates in an assumption of the duties of the city treasurer.

(4) Reporting in the Event of Misuse of Public Funds. If at any time the city treasurer discovers evidence which gives the city treasurer reasonable cause to believe public funds held in trust by Riverton City, of any source or amount, have been stolen, misplaced, misused, or otherwise managed in violation of Utah law, the city treasurer shall report this information directly and in a confidential manner to the mayor and the city council, and shall further report this information to proper law enforcement officers with authority to undertake a full investigation. In the event an elected official is reasonably suspected of engaging in activities which give rise to any misuse of public funds, the city treasurer shall be deemed to have fulfilled his/her reporting requirements if the city treasurer advises the remaining elected officials who are not suspected of having engaged in such misuse. At any time, the city treasurer may seek advice from the city attorney in determining how to fulfill his/her reporting requirements under this section. [Ord. 11-14 § 2 (Exh. A). Code 1997 § 3-9-33.]

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