4/13/2023 - LOCAL FLOOD UPDATE: Our Public Works Department has been closely inspecting the creeks in Riverton and is pleased to report that everything is functioning properly. There does not appear to be any threat of flooding at this time. Public Works will continue to monitor the water flow in the creek corridors, and we will share any necessary updates.

If you come across any flooding, please contact Public Works at 801-208-3162.

Details on city flood emergency contacts and the Riverton sandbag program can be found at rivertonutah.gov/sandbags.
*Last updated at 2 p.m. on Thursday, April 13, 2023

floodedDue to record-breaking snowfall totals and increased precipitation, there is a high potential for spring flooding this year. As the temperatures warm, water quickly flows from the already saturated ground into nearby creek corridors and rivers, causing them to rapidly rise and, in some cases, overflow their banks. Riverton City is actively working to help reduce possible spring flooding.

Creek Corridors
Riverton City is being proactive to check creek corridors for debris that may cause backup and flooding.  If you see areas of concern, please report them to Riverton Public Works Department at 801-208-3162 or email us at publicworks@rivertonutah.gov. As always, please keep children and pets away from creek beds during the spring runoff.
Here is what you can to help prevent creek flooding:
1. Do not dump anything into the creek corridor area, including just over your fence.
2. Do not remove any vegetation or apply herbicide within the creek corridor boundaries.
3. Do not encroach in anyway. Construction and landscaping project are prohibited within creek boundaries.
4. If you desire to do any vegetation cleanup or other work in the creek corridor area, you must obtain a Riverton City permit from the Public Works Department beforehand.

Detention/Retention Ponds
Our stormwater team is working to make sure all detention/retention pond outlets are free and clear of debris. Please notify the Public Works Department if you see any issues that need attention so that we can clear them before a flooding event occurs.

Gutter Sweeping
Blocked stormwater drains can be a source for flooding. We have started our spring sweeping program to clean gutters of leaves and debris but started later than anticipated due to the cold weather and snow. Please reach out to the Riverton City if you see areas that need attention.
Here is how you can help:
1. Make sweeping the gutter in front of you home part of your regular practice.
2. Sweep during the fall and after winter thaw.
3. Sweep after mowing and yard maintenance throughout the year.

Sandbag Availability
Riverton City has free sandbags for residents who need them for immediate pickup. Please go to rivertonutah.gov/sandbags to get an application or come to the Public Works Building at 12526 S 4150 W to complete the form and pick up the sandbags. We are asking for a limit of 25 sandbags per household.
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