Having heard from numerous residents about the need for more internet options, Riverton City’s elected officials have made broadband connectivity a priority. We are thrilled that Google Fiber has chosen Riverton as their next city to expand into and look forward to our residents and businesses having another option for high-speed internet.
- Mayor Trent Staggs
Google Fiber Expanding to Riverton, Utah

On Tuesday, December 14, 2021, the Riverton City Council approved a license agreement that sets the foundation for Google Fiber to expand into Riverton. The agreement will allow Google Fiber to install and maintain a fiber optic network infrastructure in public right-of-way owned by Riverton City.

It is anticipated that construction practices will include narrow trench excavation, which should help minimize the impact of construction in city streets and other right-of-way property.

Google Fiber Installation Map
View the map below to see Google Fiber's installation progress in Riverton. Note the map key. Fiber is currently being installed in areas in red. Installation has been completed in areas in blue. Areas in green are associated with an apartment complex, an HOA or private road. Google Fiber will not be installed in green areas unless an agreement is made between the property owner and Google Fiber.  Click here to view a larger map.

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