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Being informed during a disaster or emergency is crucial as it allows individuals to make informed decisions to protect themselves and their families. Timely and accurate information can help people understand the risks and take appropriate actions. Being informed also enables residents to stay updated on emergency response efforts and know when it is safe to return to normal activities. Additionally, being informed promotes community solidarity, encouraging neighbors to help each other during challenging times.

How to Protect Yourself from Natural Disasters

Extreme Heat
Landslides & Debris Flow
Radon Gas
Severe Weather
Snowstorms & Extreme Cold
Thunderstorms & Lightning

How to Protect Yourself from Man-Made Disasters
Active Shooter
Chemical Emergencies
Hazardous Materials Incidents
Home Fires
Household Chemical Emergencies
Power Outages

Be Informed During an Emergency or Disaster
S.A.F.E. Neighborhoods
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Monitor city website and social media accounts
Click here to download and install the FEMA app on your cell phone or mobile device.

Staying informed and communicating during an emergency/disaster
AM/FM Radio
Amateur Radio (HAM)
Emergency Contact Cards
Family Radio System (FRS) -- walkie-talkies
Satellite Radio with Locator Beacon
Weather Radio (NOAA)

Jason Jones

Riverton City Emergency Manager 
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