Rapid Disaster Assessment Program (RDAP)
The Rapid Disaster Assessment Program (RDAP) is a group that helps communities after disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, or floods. They work quickly to see what help is needed and how bad the damage is. RDAP uses special tools and trained people to gather information fast so that communities can get the help they need quickly. They also teach others how to do this important work to make communities safer. You can learn more by watching the video and browsing through helpful documents in the button below.

RDAP Files

RDAP Instructional Courses
The Emergency Preparedness Committee has offered to help educate residents and groups about the Rapid Disaster Assessment Program (RDAP). If you are interested in this resource, please fill out the form below. A member of the committee will be in touch with you once you have submitted the form.
*Please note that the date and time you include is not guaranteed. The committee will do its best to accommodate your request.

Jason Jones

Riverton City Emergency Manager
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