The East Riverton Drainage System was built by Riverton forefathers in the 1940's to drain the swampy like conditions farmland of the central east part of the City. The drainage system was engineered by the United States Department of Agriculture, West Salt Lake Soil Conservation District. The drainage system was a much needed and welcome improvement for property owners.  Nearly six miles of underground pipe help drain swampy farmland. These lines were especially important during the late-summer irrigation months and severe weather when Riverton was still a farming community. Today some pipes have gone dry and others have even been damaged by development but many pipes are still collecting groundwater necessitating this drainage system for the protection of basements as residential and commercial development have replace farmland. 

Salt Lake County Assessors Office had collected a small assessment from all property owners since its inception, but the collection of this fee went in active in 1996. It was reinstated in 1999 through a public hearing when a budget was created and a fee was again collected until 2012 when the drainage fee district was discontinued and funded by the Stormwater Utility.

The East Riverton Drainage System Map is available on the Stormwater Map.  Open map and follow the map legend.
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