Land Disturbance Permit Application
Construction activities require a Land Disturbance Permit. Review the INSTRUCTIONS section of the application for applicability to your project. All permit applications will require a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan(SWPPP). Properties regulated by the Storm Water General Permit must prepare a SWPPP complying with the applicable UTRC00000 and UTRH0000 regulations. These properties are typically larger than 1 acre, or less than 1 acre but are part of a larger common plan of development.  Non NOI regulated projects usually include but not limited to: residential, small commercial, small CFP projects, applicable right-of-way encroachment, and pool projects. 

When the name put in the Owner line of the Land Disturbance Permit Application is a person or entity other than the Owner(s) or Property Owner Agent for applications regulated under Riverton Code Title 18 a Ownership Affidavit it required.

SWPPP Templates
City ordinance requires the permit holder to manage the SWPPP via an internet based system.  However, you are welcome to use any internet based system with the capability to organize the SWPPP and its appendices conforming to the City SWPPP Template Table of Contents. (UTRC000000 requirement 5.4.3. and UTRH0000 requirement 1.10)
The templates are provided in zip folders containing the template main document and the corresponding document folders for your convenience.  Upon completion of the SWPPP email a URL link for a single folder containing your SWPPP main document and its appendices to the Stormwater Division. 

Tom Beesley PE, RSW, RSI
Stormwater Manager



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