Riverton City's Emergency and Non Emergency Sandbag Program is as follows.   To manage the limited sandbag resources the City asks the public to follow these instructions:

For Flood Emergencies Contact:
  • Primary: Public Works Administrative Assistant: 801-208-3162
  • Secondary: Stormwater Manager: 801-208-3152; 801; 801-634-1218
  • Third: City Hall Receptionist 801-208-3163
  • Fourth: City Hall 801-254-0704 and ask for Public Works Department

For Non-Emergencies Contact:
Non-Emergencies are anticipated flood events usually warnings of forecast cloudburst storm events.
Non-Emergency applicants will need to file a Sandbag Application.  You may email the application, or print and bring it to the Public Works Department at 12526 S 4150 W, Riverton. Usually applicants will need to fill their own sandbags.  Current sandbag limit is 25 bags.  This is usually enough to temporarily protect window wells, walkout basements and other similar openings were flood water can enter homes.

Sandbag Disposal
Applicants are expected to dispose of their own sandbags.   Do not dump sandbags in creeks, rivers, canals, ditches, roadway gutters, storm drain inlets and anywhere but your own property.   Suggested options for sandbag disposal include but not limited to: Transjordan Landfill,  trash receptacle by one bag at a time, used on your property, etc. Also take care to dispose of bags before they fall apart.  UV rays will degrade them quickly and the plastic bag will become trash that will blow away.

The City encourages residents to permanently reduce  their flood risk with wise grading and landscaping practices.   See detail with grading and landscaping tips.   

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