Volunteer Programs

  • Inlet Cleaning Program: This program involves cleaning the inlets grates and distributing stormwater awareness fliers.  Flier can be tailored to the unique neighborhood basin when beneficial.                                                                                                                                                                 Reference Flier template:  Flier
  • Inlet Marking Program: This program involves painting “No Dumping”  on storm drain inlets, cleaning the inlets grates and distributing stormwater awareness fliers. Inlet Marketing Program Outline (The Stormwater Division will include a map showing where Inlet Marking and Cleaning programs are needed and a stormwater awareness flyer template.)                               Reference marking: Stormdrain Marking
  • River and Creek Program: This program involves collecting trash and debris from creeks and rivers and Public Works will provide disposal of collected material.  Any trash, loose debris, fallen trees, branches and dead shrubbery may be removed.  Do not remove or kill live vegetation of any kind unless specifically allowed and described by permit.   See the Riverton City Creek Map link
  • Graffiti Removal Program: This program involves painting over graffiti in culverts of Riverton Creeks and Rivers.  City provides the paint and tools.
Volunteers are welcome to any combination of these programs that fits their needs and desires.  Please remember to file a volunteer application.  This is necessary for your safety, the protection of creeks and rivers and the City will provide the materials and direction to help make your project successful.  The City also needs to inventory volunteer involvement.

Other Volunteer Ideas

City encourages projects of all types that improve our community and our public amenities.  The projects must be supported and approved by the City Departments, Divisions and other agencies who have jurisdiction and maintenance responsibilities of the project areas.  Funding and materials are usually not available.

Other project ideas can include but not limited to:
  1. Planting trees, creating gardens, vegetative buffers and other vegetation amenities near parks, rivers and creeks.
  2. Building pedestrian amenities, such as; walkways, and safety structures.
  3. Projects improving water quality and related educational efforts.
  •     Awareness of pollution sources.
  •     Pollution prevention training and education.
  •     Analyzing and evaluating water bodies.  Visit: http://extension.usu.edu/utahwaterwatch/
  •     Analyzing stream habitats and aquatic biology.
  •     Making inventories of streamside conditions and land uses that may affect water quality.
  •     Building educational placards
  •     Cataloging and collecting changes to creeks and rivers from the fluctuation of trash to stream habitats and aquatic biology.
  •     Stormwater Division would like to keep a database of the findings and post it on the web.

Volunteer Application
Email service project requests to stormwater@rivertonutah.gov.  Please include full details of the desired project with the email.
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