Clean creeks and rivers are important to Riverton City.  Storm water runoff is not treated and storm drain systems are completely different systems than the sanitary sewer system.  Storm water runoff drains directly to streams, creeks, rivers, canals and all storm drains end up in the Jordan River or into groundwater.  Anything we purposely drain to roads, waterways, and for some liquids the ground or unintentionally leave on roads will pollute these water resources.  Jordan River, groundwater and all waterways are valuable resources for everybody and wildlife.  We are asking everyone to join the City and do their part at keeping these resources clean.


What are swimming pool regulations for draining into roadways or directly to storm drain inlets?

  • State Regulation R392-302-5 (4) (5) and DEQ Spa and Pool Help Document.
  • Permit required to discharge spa and swimming pool water into any road, storm drain inlet or other drainage system.
  • Chlorine test must show chlorine levels are less than 1PPM(0.1milligram/liter) and PH (6.5-9.0)
  • Saltwater pool and filter backwash discharge to storm drain systems are prohibited.  In Riverton, this wastewater must drained to the sanitary sewer system. 
  • Water must be free of all algaecides, cleaning agents and any other water conditioning chemicals.
  • All contaminates collecting or growing in pools, organic and manmade must be collected and removed, dried out and disposed in the trash receptacle.

Permits are easy
.  Email informing the City your intent to discharge swimming pool water into any road, storm drain inlet or other drainage system.   Save the City reply and any site-specific instruction as the permit.

  • Email:
  • Include date, approximate time range and address
  • Include chlorine and PH test and any other necessary water quality verification
  • Include additional information addressing any other contaminates
  • Unfortunately, State wastewater regulation prohibits backwash water and salt/brine pool wastewater from discharging to surface drainage systems and the property ground surfaces when the property boundary is within 300' of a sanitary sewer system.  Contact for South Valley Sewer District 801-571-1166 prior to discharging.


What are my spa and swimming pool discharge options other than permit discharge to roadways and storm drain systems.

  • Your property such as lawns, gardens when your discharge water will infiltrate before reaching property boundary.  Discharge water must not reach streams, creeks, irrigation ditches and other drainage systems that exist on private properties.  Maintain discharge rates and cycles that can achieve this criteria.
  • Sanitary Sewer System. Contact for South Valley Sewer District 801-571-1166 prior to discharging.

Background information.

  • Storm drain systems are NOT treated and all runoff ultimately drains to the Jordan River or into our groundwater aquifers. Any non-water and polluted water we purposely or unintentionally discharge to roads or directly to storm drains, and some liquids or polluted water we drain into the ground will pollute water resources.
  • City tests of all found discharges. City will educate and evaluate solutions with permittees but unfortunately the City is obligated to enforce non-permitted discharges. Riverton Code 13.20.080
  • Prosecution involves fines and can include remediation cost resulting from damages to water resources.


You may contact the City at the previous reference email with any questions.
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