A person wanting access to a record must submit a written Records Request to the Riverton City Recorder's Office or the Police Department, which includes a description of the record requested that identifies the record with reasonable specificity. When the city receives a request for a record, it has ten (10) business days to respond to that request. Riverton City complies with all requirements of the The Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) when fulfilling records requests.


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63G-2-203.   Fees.  A governmental entity may charge a reasonable fee to cover the actual cost of providing a record. Riverton City’s fees have been established through the budget process; they are as follows:

Copy per page – 8 x 10 black-white (maps excluded) $0.10
Copy per page – 8 x 10 color (maps excluded) $0.20
Copy per page – oversized black-white (maps excluded) $0.20
Copy per page – oversized (outside copy center-maps excld) cost
Maps – Zoning, General Plan, Districts, Cemetery 2’ x 3’ $12.00
Maps – Zoning, General Plan, Districts, Cemetery 11” x 17” $4.00
Maps – Base 2’ x 3’ $5.00
Maps – Base 11” x 17” $2.00
Copy of C.D. $2.00
Research fee actual labor costs

When a record is compiled in a form other than that normally maintained by the city, the actual costs may include the following:
  • The cost of staff time for compiling, formatting, manipulating, packaging, summarizing, or tailoring the record either into an organization or media to meet the person's request.
  • The cost of staff time for search, retrieval, and other direct administrative costs for complying with a request.
  • An hourly charge may not exceed the salary of the lowest paid employee who, in the discretion of the custodian of records, has the necessary skill and training to perform the request. However, no charge may be made for the first quarter hour of staff time and a not to exceed amount may be authorized by the requestor.
Utah Code Title 63G Chapter 2 - sets forth guidelines for classifying information in government records based upon who has the right to access that information.

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