Riverton Tennis

Flexible Tennis League

All the participants will be divided into separate groups of 4 or 5 players. You have 1 calendar month to play the required 3-4 games. The groups will be mixed and based on ability. Top finishers will be promoted 1 box up and the bottom finishers relegated 1 box down, and the 2/3 players who finished in the middle of their box will remain in the same box. Players contact each other and set up the time and place for their match (it can be any day during the week and any place). Participants sign up with an intention to play one match a week. Click here to view a PDF of the League format in more detail.

Cost: $10
Time and Location: Matches are played at the time and location that works best between the two players in that particular match.   
Ages: This league is geared toward high school age to adult, but any age is welcome as long as you can transport yourself to your weekly match.
Monthly, May 1 - August 31 

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Estimated Skill Levels: (These are just to get you started. If you keep winning, you will keep playing up).

2.5 (Beginner)

3.0 (Novice)

3.5 (Experienced)

4.0+ (Advanced)

I am just getting into tennis. I have little match play experience.

I have played for a few years and play matches.

I have a reliable, solid game built over years of match play.

High School State Champion, College player, etc.)

Tennis Court Locations

June Matchups

Group 1 Group 2   Group 3 
Group 4 Group 5  Group 6 Group 7  Group 8  Group 9  Group 10  Group 11  Group 12 
Brook S Alex B Alyssa L Stuart B  Charlie C Carter D  Stephen K Charlie K  Jared C  Brent D  Eric H  Shawn W 
Sierra W Janessa B Caden G Shauna G  Emma L  Steven Sch. Alex C Danny D  Brett F  Bonnie R David W  Richard Z  
Kalel C Matt L Ryan A  Kinsie B Mylo C  Kaitlin K Leah S Emily W  Nick D  Ben H  Darhl N  Garrett L 
Elizabeth F Dominic S   Bryce B Kaitlyn D Mary Ann H McCall W
(schedule change)
Stephen Ste. Creighton A  Melissa D  Parry L Steve P  Bert P  
Blaine J                   Daniel Y  

Tennis Lessons

The tennis lessons through Riverton City are taught through Tracy Derby as a community class.
Details Here

Parks & Recreation Department

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