Riverton Fire Service Area
Riverton property owners will receive a tax increase notification from the newly formed Riverton Fire Service Area (RFSA) for the year 2021. This notice is required by law to be sent to owners of property in Riverton. Do not be alarmed. RFSA is a newly created taxing district formed for the purpose of collecting property taxes to pay for fire and emergency medical services within Riverton. The notice of increase was required because this is the first time RFSA will be collecting property taxes. The RFSA will simply take the place of the Unified Fire Service Area (not to be confused with Unified Fire Authority) in funding these critical services in our city.

A public hearing will be held on Tuesday, December 15, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. at Riverton City Hall, 12830 S Redwood Road, Riverton, Utah 84065.

Riverton residents may disregard any notification of a property tax increase from the Unified Fire Service Area. Riverton will pay for UFA services through RFSA and no longer UFSA, beginning January 2021.

Please review the following Q&As if you'd like more information.

Why is Riverton leaving the Unified Fire Service Area?

Will Riverton's fire and emergency medical services be changing?

Why is the tax rate increasing for the Riverton Fire Service Area?

Will this change save Riverton property taxpayers money?

Who will govern the Riverton Fire Service Area?

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