Riverton City staff and organizations are encouraged to submit marketing and communications projects that are meant for the public for professional design. All relevant details and final text content should be compiled, prior to submission. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for the project to be completed, or longer for custom or large projects. Once complete, the client will only be afforded two rounds of revisions.

All Riverton City departments, boards, committees, and commissions  are eligible to use this service.

Graphic Design Process
1) Graphic design project request submitted by client.
2) Request received and reviewed by Director of Communications.
3) Request added to project queue.
4) Project added to project queue and assigned to Graphic Design and Marketing Specialist.
5) Graphic Design and Marketing Specialist emails client, asks any relevant questions, sets up meeting if needed.
5) Draft artwork is produced and designer works with the client for up to two rounds of revisions.
6) Draft artwork sent to client for approval.
6) Final artwork is sent to Director of Communications for approval.
7) Once approved, final artwork and print-ready files are sent to the client.

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