You can pay your Riverton City utility bill without writing a check, buying stamps, making special trips to City Hall or even submitting an online payment every month. Just sign up for Direct Debit and your utility bill payment will be automatically withdrawn each month from your personal checking or savings account at your bank or credit union.

Signing up for Direct Debit is easy and free. Please  click here to download a PDF application that you can print and bring the Utility Billing Department or email to

The first month after receiving your application, Riverton City will process a pre-notification to verify all banking account information. No funds will be transferred at that time, so payment will still need to be made for that month. If there are no problems with the pre-notification process, the first payment will be debited from the chosen bank account on the 25th of the following month. After Direct Debit has been initiated, you will still receive a monthly statement to ensure the correct payment was made from the assigned bank account. Simply double-check for your payment on your bank statement. For more information, contact the Riverton City Utility Billing Department at 801-208-3133.

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