Eagle Scout ProjectFollowing is a general list of possible Eagle Scout project ideas offered through Riverton City. Contact the appropriate person/department to see if that project, or a similar project, is available.

Fire Hydrant Painting
Riverton City will provide the paint. Scout is responsible to get the brushes, rags, scrapers, trays or any other items you believe you will need for the project.
Contact: Riverton City Water Department, 801-208-3164

Emergency Preparedness
Work with you local church leader to locate a room in your church facility to store a number of items for a cache station. Items would include backboards, splints, bandages, miscellaneous supplies.
Contact: Jason Jones, emergencypreparedness@rivertonutah.gov, 385-281-2460

Tree Ring Barking
Riverton City's Urban Forester sprays tree rings throughout the city. Once the grass has died, the tree rings need to be filled with bark. The city requires a minimum of 75-100 tree rings be filled with bark in order to qualify as an Eagle Project. Riverton City provides the bark. The Scout must provide shovels, wheel barrows, and rakes for the project.
Contact: Roman Williams, pwilliams@rivertonutah.gov, 801-208-3199

Storm Drain Cleanup & Education
Clean up and bag debris on inlet grates, mark curbs, educate public with handouts, record and report unusual findings to the Stormwater Department.
Contact: Public Works, publicworks@rivertonutah.gov, 801-208-3162

Other community organizations that may be looking for or accepting projects:
South Valley Services, 801-255-1095
The Christmas Box House, 801-747-2201, www.thechristmasboxhouse.org 
Salt Lake County Youth Volunteer,
The Road Home, 801-359-4142www.theroadhome.org/volunteer/eagle-scouts
Shriners Hospital, 801-536-3500
Primary Children's Hospital, 801-662-1603
Hearts Knit Together, 801-280-0640 or 801-598-3218

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