Backflow ValveProtecting Our Water
Riverton City is dedicated to providing residents and customers with safe, clean drinking water.  Maintaining a backflow prevention program, to prevent contamination of culinary (drinking) water, is an essential component to accomplishing this goal.

The city and residents share a joint responsibility to ensure all areas of the water distribution system are adequately protected. Riverton City provides a safe, adequate water supply to the residents who in turn maintain their plumbing systems in strict compliance with state and local ordinances, requirements, codes and policies.

Backflow an undesirable reverse flow of contaminated water or other substances from a user’s water system back into the public drinking water system. Backflow incidents can seriously affect the quality and safety of the drinking water supply. This can occur if a plumbing system is physically connected (also called a cross-connection) to any source of contamination or pollution. Common examples of possible cross-connections include landscape sprinkling systems, hose attachments for utility sinks, and garden hoses. Backflow prevention assemblies provide the public water system with protection against contamination or pollution.

The Riverton City Water Department randomly performs assessments of residential sprinkler irrigation systems to determine compliance with all state and local ordinances and requirements.

Irrigation System Connection Options
There are two irrigation system options for Riverton property owners, with each having an approved separation between culinary and secondary water.

  1. Secondary Only Connection - The first of three choices is direct use of secondary (irrigation) water only. The culinary stop and waste valve must be removed. If inside, then the shut off must be removed, the pipe cut flush with the wall and the outside line capped. Please note that all hose outlets must have anti-siphon valves installed and will be part of the Riverton City inspection.
  2. Dual System Connection - The second of three choices is a dual system with culinary (drinking) and secondary (irrigation) water. This will require a Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) backflow assembly installed at the culinary connection. Also a swing joint must be installed that will only allow culinary or only secondary water to be used one at a time, never both systems at the same time. The backflow assembly must be tested upon installation and annually thereafter. The test report is to be forwarded to Riverton City Water Department. (The Stop and Waste valve is not allowed in the park strip!)

See Riverton City Code 13.10.170 – It shall be unlawful for any person to place, cause to be placed, or introduce into the Riverton City Secondary Water System or any source of water supplying said system any matter, substance, chemical or compound without authorization from the Riverton City Water Director.

This effort is to protect the drinking water from contamination or pollution and is required by the Plumbing Code, including Amendments and the State Drinking Water Rule, as well as Riverton City Ordinances. Violations must be corrected.

Required Backflow Tests
In accordance with Riverton City Code 13.10.350, and the International Plumbing Code (Utah Amended 2003), all backflow prevention assemblies must be tested at the time of installation, repair or relocation AND on an annual basis thereafter.

Annual tests of backflow prevention assemblies are the responsibility of the property owner and must be conducted by a certified backflow tester. Click here to view a list of certified backflow testers.

Annual test reports must be forwarded to the Riverton City Water Department by email to

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Christopher Bowles
Backflow Program Administrator / Lead Supervisor
Phone: 801-208-3112
Fax: 801-253-7152

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