Culinary WaterAbout Our Water
Riverton City provides quality culinary water to its residents as a public utility. Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District (JVWCD) is Riverton City's wholesale culinary water provider. The city meets all federal and state regulatory requirements for culinary water distribution, resulting in a safe and effective culinary water system.

Culinary Water Rates

Base Rate (each meter) $3.50 
Tier 1 | 0-5,000 Gallons (each 1,000 gallons) $3.76
Tier 2 | >5,000 Gallons $3.91

Utility Application
To sign up for culinary water service, an application must be turned into the Riverton City Utility Billing Office. Renters and leasers may choose to have the utility put in their names with the homeowner's signed permission. Utility bills are due by the 25th of each month. Payments may be paid 1) by check and dropped off at the payment drop box on the south side of City Hall, 2) by cash, check or card at the Utility Billing Office at City Hall, 3) online using our Xpress Bill Pay, or 4) through Direct Debit automatic withdrawal. 

Utility Application

To cancel culinary water service, please call the Utility Billing Office at 801-208-3133 or visit Riverton City Hall at 12830 S Redwood Road, Riverton, Utah 84065.

Water Quality
Riverton City tests culinary water multiple times per week to ensure it is safe and that water quality remains high. Additionally, Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District has many controls and safeguards in place to ensure the water they provide to the city is safe and clean, including frequent testing, automatic shutdown procedures, level sensors, flow meters, scale weight, and quality alarms.

If there is ever a problem with culinary water quality that might impact health or safety, Riverton City will attempt to notify residents through multiple channels. Click here to sign up for emergency notifications.

** Culinary Retail Water Line Disclosure**

A culinary retail water line is the pipe that extends between the water meter and the home. Culinary meters are located in the park strip area. Riverton City is responsible for the water line on the street side up to and including the meter. The property owner is responsible for the water line between the meter and the home or business.

A secondary retail water line is the pipe that extends between the stop-and-waste valve located in the park strip area and the sprinkling system or the hose connection. Some residences will have a secondary meter in place of the stop-and-waste valve.

Riverton City is responsible on the street side up to and including the stop-and-waste valve or the secondary meter, whichever is the case. The property owner is responsible for the retail water line from the stop-and-waste valve or secondary meter into the property. 


SB 45: Retail Water Line Disclosure Amendments

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