Secondary WaterSecondary Water
Riverton City boasts an exceptional secondary water system that serves all residents. The secondary water system uses lower-grade, non-potable water sources to meet outdoor water needs, which means tremendous savings for residents when compared to other cities where culinary water is the only option for outdoor watering. Secondary water is available to residents from approximately May 1 to October 15 of each year.

Secondary Water Rates
Secondary water is provided as a utility in Riverton. Billing rate is determined by lot size.

Residential Lot Size Monthly Cost

Base Rate  $2.50
 1/4 Acre  $19.36
 1/4-1/3 Acre   $22.93
 1/3-1/2 Acre  $28.68
 1/2-3/4 Acre  $35.11
 3/4-1 Acre  $40.87

For additional secondary water fee information, please review the Riverton City fee schedule. Questions about billing can be directed to the Utility Billing Office at 801-208-3133.

Valve Closures
It is the responsibility of residents / secondary water customers to shut their secondary water valves by March 15 of each year. Secondary water system maintenance and testing begins on March 15 of each year in preparation for the ~May 1 system launch date. Riverton City is not responsible for damage that may come from secondary water valves that are not shut off by March 15 of each year.

**Unlawful Use
It is illegal for any individual to use the City’s secondary water without having the required inspections and paying the appropriate monthly fees. Illegal use of our secondary water is a CLASS B MISDEMEANOR. The consequences of illegal use may include stiff fines (up to $1,850 per day of violation), jail time (up to 180 days in jail per day of violation), having your culinary water shut off, compensation of damages incurred by the City (including additional hours worked by City Staff) and third-party liability. For all our health and safety, please take this matter seriously.

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