The Green Well is a tremendous asset for Riverton, which has not been in production since 2015. By reengaging the Green Well, this innovative project will increase our culinary water supply in Riverton using a sustainable source and help us keep culinary water rates low in the years ahead for our residents.
- Mayor Trent Staggs

Green Well ProjectAbout the Green Well
Construction began on the Green Well, located north of Dr. O. Roi Hardy Park near the Jordan River, in 2011 and began operations in 2012 to provide culinary water to the residents of Riverton. The well is the largest of all city wells and produces the best water. It has been unused since 2015 when the city fully transitioned to purchasing water wholesale from Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District (JVWCD).

About the Green Well Project
In alignment with the Riverton City Council's strategic priority to improve and expand the city’s water resources and systems, the primary goals of the Green Well Project are:

  1. Increase culinary water supply in Riverton using a sustainable source.
  2. Help Riverton City keep culinary water rates low in the years ahead for residents.

Through a partnership with Salt Lake County, Riverton City will install a reverse osmosis plant on the Green Well. Water produced at the well currently meets culinary water standards; the reverse osmosis plant installed at the Green Well will improve the water produced to a quality that meets or exceeds that of JVWCD water. Once complete, the water produced at the Green Well, and purified at the reverse osmosis plant, will be used to supplement the city’s culinary water supply. Riverton City will continue to purchase water wholesale from JVWCD, but the addition of Green Well water will reduce the amount of water the city would otherwise need to purchase from JVWCD as the city approaches build-out.

How is the project being paid for?

How much water will the Green Well produce?

How will this project impact Riverton residents?

How will this project impact water quality?

Is Green Well water sustainable over time?

What changes will be made to the Green Well facility?

What does this project cost?

What is a reverse osmosis plant?

What is the Green Well?

Where does discharge from the reverse osmosis plant end up?

Who is managing the Green Well Project?

Who will manage the reverse osmosis plant once installed?

Why has Riverton City partnered with Salt Lake County on this project?

Why is the reverse osmosis plant necessary?

Will my culinary water rates change as a result of this project?

Will my culinary water taste different?

Will the amount of culinary water Riverton City purchases from JVWCD change?

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