Council Message: Riverton Will Prosper, Not Just "Return to Normal"

By Councilmember Tawnee McCay

This pandemic was hard on a lot of business and families. It is difficult to see people in tears because their business had to lay off their hard-working employees. It is tough to hear from residents that are worried about keeping their home, because their livelihood was forced to close. It will take time to recover. But it is also an opportunity. This has allowed us to focus on what is necessary and important.

Some people are curious how our city is being affected by the coronavirus. We are very fortunate that we have not been hit as hard as some surrounding cities or the county. Cities that depend on sales tax revenue from car dealerships, hotels and other tourism are being hit hard. After much analysis, our city estimates we will have a 5% reduction in our sales tax revenue this fiscal year. In Riverton, some of our major sales tax generators are Home Depot, Lowes and Walmart, that all have done well during the pandemic.

Shopping in Riverton helps the city maintain roads, keep utility fees low, update parks and playgrounds, and plan enjoyable activities to build a community where we want to live, work and play. Please help struggling business by eating out, getting haircuts, buying building supplies, grocery shopping and enjoying entertainment within our city.

Mountain View Village - Phase 2 Rendering

I’m excited to support the businesses at Mountain View Village as they continue building phase 2 & 3. I hear positive comments from residents about the attractive landscaping, architecture and distinctive sculptures. Fred Bruning, CenterCal’s CEO, said they are “pulling out all the stops in experiential technology for the final phase of development. Visitors can expect to experience a new level of entertainment technology in our fountain and light productions.” It will feature new restaurants, a movie theater, around 90 additional retail stores, several lush parks with more than 1,700 newly planted trees and 10,000 plants. It is welcoming best-of-class office space that you can see rising up right now.

Riverton has seen business and families innovate and be creative. Our city is trying to postpone instead of cancelling our celebrations, for example moving our rodeo from June to September. We appreciate those on the front lines that are working to beat this virus. People are being selfless and serving their neighborhoods. We are learning and adjusting. I don’t want to just go back to “normal,” I want to see us thrive and prosper. I love living in Riverton and am excited to see what our future holds. Thanks for making Riverton great!

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