Mayor's Message: No Tax or Utility Fee Increases - Again

By Mayor Trent Staggs

Riverton Review August 2023 Web Edition (002)Residents should have received their 2023 Tax Valuation Notices in recent weeks. The City Council also has finalized the budget that started July 1, 2023. I am pleased Riverton City will once again operate the next fiscal year with no tax or utility fee increases.

In some cases, Riverton residents can expect a lower total dollar tax expense due to our city’s mil rate for its police and fire districts decreasing this year. In addition, Riverton boasts the lowest average utility’s fees in the valley.

This is a direct result of the fiscal discipline and ingenuity of our elected officials and staff. Our city is one of a select few in the valley that are not proposing a tax rate raise. This has not been an easy task during a time of volatile inflation. A Utah Taxpayer Association report shows that 78 cities or taxing entities neighboring us and throughout the state have proposed tax hikes this year. Several of them are now raising taxes and fees multiple years in a row.

Sadly, the Association president said local government growth is the “sole source” of their tax hikes. I am proud our city has the foresight and assiduity to safeguard Riverton taxpayer money and keep our city government footprint limited.

Riverton Review August 2023 Web EditionFor example, our decision to create our own police district and city-run police department has saved Riverton taxpayers over $15.5 million since 2018. We’ve also saved over $700,000 in the last couple of years by creating our own fire district. Prudent planning continues to safeguard our residents’ hard-earned money.

I understand how difficult living within a budget can be for a family with small children or a senior citizen on a fixed income. Every dollar counts in your household, and I’ve ensured we do the same in city hall.

Riverton is also the beneficiary of excellent planning and positive economic development. The ongoing business development at Mountain View Village and throughout the city offsets the tax burden placed on residents. Our business owners’ success has helped fund needed city projects and it is a major part of keeping our city budget lean and sound.

The pairing of fiscal responsivity with our prudent planning is proving to the rest of the state that the Riverton model works. We can pay for necessary city expenses and support our family-focused way of life without burdening our residents with higher taxes.

I am committed to keeping our city government’s focus to stretching every dollar entrusted to us by the citizens. My staff are currently working on several key projects that will help the city stay out of needless debt. Please reach out to me if you have ideas to further help our city save money and prepare for the future.

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